Server Management Includes

Unlimited Admin Time

Our cPanel Server Management includes a unlimited amount of technical support time each month.

Free Initial Security Checkup

Once your management package is active, request our expect team to tweak your servers security.

Guaranteed Response Times

We guarantee to reply within 6 hours, normally less than 1 hour response to your request.

Web Server Tweaking

We will optimise services such as Apache & MYSQL ensuring your website always loads quickly.

Unlimited Support Questions

We are here 24 hours a day 365 days a year ready to help you when you really need it, we never sleep support.

No Contracts

We will never tie you into a contract, our management services are all on a month to month contract.

  • Server Software Upgrades
  • PCI Compliance Configuration
  • New Server Configuration
  • Anti Virus/Malware Protection
  • Old Server Logs Removal
  • Server Backup Management
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • Anti Spam Protection
  • System DDOS Protection Tweaks
  • Brute Force Protection Configured
  • Server Migration Assistance
  • Operating System Package Updates
  • Server Fine Tuning
  • SSH Security Hardening
  • Passwords Checked
And much more...
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